Be sure the amount of insurance covers total reconstruction costs

One of the important issues you'll face as a homeowner is determining the right amount of home insurance coverage you need. There's a tendency for most of us to equate this amount to the market value of the home. However, that number can fluctuate depending on land value, interest rate trends and surrounding home values – factors that have little to no impact on the reconstruction costs necessary to rebuild the structure if needed.

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Know what your condo association insurance doesn’t cover

While your condo association most likely carries insurance for buildings and other association-owned property, it won't cover your personal property, such as furniture, electronics, appliances, jewelry, clothing and much more. In many cases, you may also need to obtain your own coverage – condo insurance – for wallpaper, carpeting, fixtures and any other items not covered by the association insurance.

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An Amica home policy is a promise to always be there.

Home Owners Insurance Quiz | Amica Insurance

One quiz. Many reasons to take it.

When it comes to covering your home and valuables, and protecting yourself from potential liability claims, what you don’t know can hurt you. Take this quiz to see if you’re prepared for the unexpected.